"I've been following Diane on YouTube since her original channel and have always appreciated her content. I was so happy to finally be able to purchase a reading from her. 
I was able to have my reading in real time via Google hangouts and it was amazing. Confirmed so much for me and she also had some very helpful suggestions for me that I've been putting into practice.
I can't recommend her readings enough. She is an amazing card reader with an equally amazing intuition and is so friendly and down to earth. If you're looking to feel empowered and feel like you're talking to a friend, then look no further. Highly recommended."  ~Sara D

"Excellent reading! Found it very helpful to do a reading via Skype. Confirmed my decisions and helped me eliminate fear to move forward. Highly recommend!"  ~Barb Z

"Incredible reading!! Insightful and spot on! Thank you so much!!"  ~ Elle W

"Good reading and guidance, thoughtfully explained - thank you."  ~Tracy R

"The prediction was absolutely true, right down to the delay that was mentioned. I will use again and recommend to others."  ~Donna W

"I had a lovely, raw and beautiful experience with Diane who gave me a tarot reading regarding a family issue in which I needed perspective and healing. By allocating time to suit my schedule for a Skype call (I'm on the other side of the world), she took great care to listen and give holistic advice on positive actions I could take during this uncertain time. Her reading was precise and the messages were something that I needed to truly hear, connect with and implement with on the day-to-day. By her continuing support in my well-being, her sharing of knowledge and her empathy, I can definitely recommend her to those who need a compassionate and affirmative tarot reader and holistic healer."  ~Cathy M

"Thank you Diane, GREAT reading! I am closing an old chapter in my life and preparing to open a new chapter and it's difficult. But I am determined to move forward. I needed reassurance that I am moving in the right direction and your reading gave that to me. Thank you for the insight and guidance. I would highly recommend you to others for your accurate and insightful reading. "  ~Kris S

"Diane is very loving, very open, and great at her interpretation of her insights. She will give you the space to explore your situation by asking questions in many ways. You have to be open and honest for a true understanding. Readings work both ways. Get a reading with her if you are willing to explore and get an honest answer. Thank you!!" ~Ann R

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