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Diane Jarecki, aka Indigo Moon Woman

Hi, my name is Diane Jarecki and I'm a professional Fortune Teller, Energy Healer and Medicine Woman who has lived a very interesting and full life, but walked quite a difficult path while doing so, gathering a lot of wisdom along the way. Several years ago I was looking for a better way to heal emotionally and physically and this has led me to study many metaphysical and holistic health subjects, an interest that actually started over 30 years ago and will continue for the rest of my life.

I’ve been an Intuitive Energy Healer since 1984 when a friend of mine injured his back while bending over and was in tremendous pain, unable to straighten up. I was guided through what today I term a download from Source into how to place my hands and what to do to heal his pain, and it worked. Since then I've been able to feel where people hurt and heal it by placing my hands over the area for several minutes, generating what many tell me is intense heat but then the pain is gone. I'm also a Reiki Master/Teacher and certified in Kundalini Reiki and Ilahinoor, which is Turkish Divine healing energy. I bring all of these into play when I'm doing energy healing whether in person or distance healing. When doing distance healing, I'm told it's like a warm hug or a heating pad placed over the area.

I started reading Tarot and Oracle cards in 2002, reading for others from the first time I opened my first deck at a metaphysical gathering. Reading cards came very naturally to me as I am very intuitive and sensitive.  I was gifted my first Lenormand deck in 2013 and it came so naturally to me that I was told I read them like a pro when I'd only been studying the system for two weeks.  I've had confirmation that it's because I've read them in other lifetimes, which is why cartomancy is more natural to me than tarotmancy. 

I've also been studying nutrition, natural wellness and alternative healing modalities including Law of Attraction, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy since 2007. My interest in holistic medicine started when my late husband was diagnosed with stage IV laryngeal cancer, and although he wouldn't try any of it, telling me instead to get away from him with my "snake oil treatments", I knew that I needed to continue those studies after he was gone so that I could help others. I continue to study to this day, now with a focus on herbalism.  
I've been through a lot, including growing up with abuse and experiencing many rapes and attempted rapes. All of this left me struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as suicidal depression for a couple of decades. Because of this, I searched for ways to heal myself so I've studied a variety of subjects extensively and learned quite a bit, and I love being able to apply all of the knowledge I've gained to help others whether that's through reading your cards, healing sessions, or teaching you how to empower yourself (I do coaching sessions on a donation basis, email me or call me for more information). 

I'm blessed to have grown up in New Hampshire and that relaxed, comfortable New England energy permeates everything I do. I also have old-fashioned values in the quality of service I provide, and continue to hone my craft by building my knowledge and skills. 

I care deeply about my clients, and I'm always respectful of your situation and your feelings. I also keep everything completely confidential--what comes here stays here, kind of like Vegas, whether it's in person, by phone or via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts. Those who know me can attest that I'm not a gossip. I never consider any question stupid. If you're asking it, then it's important to you, valid, and thereby worthy of receiving an answer.

Besides this blog, you can find me on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/IndigoMoonWoman.

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