Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gratitude In Hard Times

I do my best to live my life in an "attitude of gratitude", but I admit to being human and thereby less than perfect and occasionally forgetting to give thanks for my life and its blessings. 

Right now is a great example. Today is my dad's 87th birthday, and my goal was to be settling into our new home and preparing to begin renovations right now...literally by today. Instead, I'm stuck here over 700 miles away and it's vexing me. So, while I still do my gratitude practice in the morning and evening, during the day I'm walking around upset that I'm in PA when I want to be in NH. 

The result of that is that last week I dropped a heavy metal upright paper towel holder onto one of my right toes, bruising it heavily but thankfully not breaking it. Today, I bent over to check backup supplies that I keep in a lower kitchen cabinet and bruised my eyebrow area over my right eye. 

Now, if you look it all up in Louise Hay's book, you'll find that bruises are about the little bumps in life and self-punishment. Toes represent the minor details of the future, and eyes represent the ability to see clearly (past, present and future). It's amazingly accurate with what has been in my thoughts.

What hit me, quite literally, was the reminder that at least I could call my dad and talk to him today. In just a few days it will be the first anniversary of when my father-in-law left this world, and I'm reminded that my husband can't call his dad ever again. Some day that will happen for me too, but that time isn't here yet and I will get to see my dad again very soon. Covid-19 won't last forever, and as soon as our state opens up our house will sell very quickly and we'll get to move this summer.

So, I'm reminded to set aside my vexation over the small things like this delay, and to look instead at the big picture moving forward into the future, and in the meantime to give thanks for all that I have, especially this beautiful sturdy brick house with its fenced in yard for our dogs, the lovely spring weather moving in, and a nice patio to enjoy on a day like today. Even in hard times, we need to look for the blessings we have and give gratitude for it all, trusting that life is wonderful right where we are now. 

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