Monday, April 13, 2020

First Impressions of the Hush Tarot

The Hush Tarot by Jeremy Hush is the newest addition to my collection of tarot decks, and I purchased it for a specific purpose after seeing a really good walkthrough on YouTube because that Strength card really resonated with me and the ways in which I'm still broken from things that happened in my past. I've never really done a lot of shadow work and I decided it's time to heal the things that remain unhealed despite all of the work I've done so far. It's time to dive down into my deepest unexplored depths and release the things I've held onto. 

It's interesting because this is a deck that at first appears a bit dark and creepy (which is not my style at all), and it definitely has that element, but upon closer inspection there's a lot of light in it too, a good balance of both exists in every card in this deck. There's brokenness and healing, lots of animals and people, masks, keys, ribbons and insects, weeds and flowers, and a little bit of steampunk too. It feels like a very personal tarot deck because of how close up many images are and the lack of backgrounds and distance. 

In the Hush Tarot, Jeremy Hush has created a deck that will never get boring, and always has some new detail to discover with each reading, making every time you lay down cards with it unique. This is a "desert island" deck, one that you could be stranded with for decades and it would hold up, the card stock is great! (Though I'd want a second copy with me at least just in case.) This deck immediately made its way to my top 5 tarot decks of all time upon opening it and doing a quick look through of it and my first reading with it. 

I'm continuing to explore, study and work with this deck, and may just have to get a couple of backup copies as this is a deck I know will get a lot of use. If you're thinking of getting a new deck and are on the fence about this one, I highly recommend getting a copy and giving it a try, especially as it's not that expensive right now. (And if you decide you don't like it, I'll take it off of your hands!)

I plan on taking this deck outdoors to work with too, so the above picture shows it sitting on the wrap that fits a 3 or 4 card reading that I got from a great shop on Etsy. It reminded me of the deep forest, and just looked perfect for this deck, and I think it looks great with it, and provides a great background for the cards to be read against as well as a perfect, and washable, protector from the ground when outdoors. 

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