Monday, March 16, 2020

Why I Identify as Celtic

The map above comes from Wikipedia and shows the area inhabited by the early Celtic tribes. As you can see, it covers a vast area of Europe, and my roots are in many of those countries since my grandparents were: 
Paternal grandfather--100% Irish
Paternal grandmother--50% German, 50% Luxembourg
Maternal grandfather--50% French, 50% English
Maternal grandmother--50% Dutch, 50% Scottish

As you can see, I'm an Indo-European mutt when you look at this map! Although Irish is my largest ancestry at 1/4 of my gene pool, Celtic is most likely at least 80% of it since they spanned such a large part of early Europe. I haven't had any DNA testing done yet, mainly because I was waiting last year until after we moved, and again now I'm on hold until we move and I have my new address. I was too focused on raising a puppy to worry about DNA testing this past year. 

So, I heard someone recently say that Celtic isn't a people, just a scholarly term, but I disagree. To me Celtic is the identity of the majority of my ancestry and cultural heritage. Yes, it spanned many lands, tribes and languages, but so does my family heritage. 

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