Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Staying Sane During Lockdown During Covid-19

So, at first there wasn't a lot of change for me when the CV-19 lockdown started, I'm home a lot anyway and work from home as an online tarot reader. We have one car, so I pretty much only get out to go to the store when my husband gets home unless he stops. No biggie, right? 

He's in an industry that was still considered essential when the initial "stay home" order was issued in PA and non-essential businesses had to close. People were asked to stay home unless necessary to get supplies like food and essentials. Building supply and hardware stores like Lowe's and Home Depot have been allowed to stay open, and so my husband discovered people are flocking to them like it's Christmas shopping season because they've decided that all of those projects they never have time to do can get done. 

He's seen people coughing as they're walking in, old people going in and coming back out empty handed, and whole families going in and out because people are going there just to get out of the house. And because the majority of the population can't stay home, now his industry is also shut down except for emergency repairs and as a sole proprietor we can't collect unemployment. 

But on top of this, neither of us is used to him being home all of the time, and he's a fidgety man who can't sit still and do nothing all day for time on end. Well, okay, it was only for a week, we figured we can survive it. But now it's been extended to a month. A whole month of being confined to home with me and the dogs! 

We're working hard to ensure that our marriage will survive this. It's one thing to work together and live together, it's another to be cooped up together with few avenues of escape. It makes me wonder how long we can all stay sane and not just how many babies may come of this, but also how many divorces. Not kidding.

So, what can we all do to keep our sanity? So far, I'm finding that taking time outdoors as much as possible helps. Luckily I can take breaks during the day because I am my own boss. Throwing a ball for the dogs and tossing a football with my husband, going for walks in the neighborhood and lots of reading are helping me. Also, meditation, Reiki and yoga help a lot. We're drinking a lot of herbal teas with things like elderberry, turmeric and ginger in them and taking baths. And we're continuing to eat a healthy diet rather than succumbing to cravings for junk food.

I hope you're also finding ways to relax, stay calm and stay healthy and maybe even strengthen your family bonds rather than fighting or bickering. It's a good time to do all of those things you don't normally get to do like get caught up on your reading or favorite shows, but please don't do unnecessary projects that require you to go out to purchase supplies right now.

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