Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Health and Life Update

I've been doing the Keto way of eating (diet is such a misunderstood and misused word, but this is what it actually means) for a couple of months now and I'm starting to see results that tell me that I'm on the road back to health. Being in my mid-50s and having just entered menopause last year makes this more of a challenge on top of the damage done by eating foods that harm my body like sugars and grains, but one thing I firmly believe is that "impossible" only means "I'm possible", that it might be more difficult but it's still doable. The trick is not to give up.

I can tell that my thyroid hormones are getting regulated because my hair is growing back and I'm going down in size. One size to be exact, though the scale isn't moving. So I've stepped away from weighing myself. My cortisol levels are also lowering despite the stress of selling our house and moving out of state, or the fat wouldn't be moving off of me. All of this means that my adrenals are also healing and thereby my master hormone, Leptin, is getting into balance as well. That's truly the trick, getting all of your hormones balanced. 

It's why we gain weight during stressful times: not only do we eat poorly then, tending to reach for sugary "comfort" foods, but we also have a hormonal imbalance. Things like meditation help at those times, and eating healthy foods, walking, getting out into nature. These have longer health and stress-relieving benefits than the fleeting pleasure a candy bar or macaroni and cheese provides. 

I have more energy and I'm getting stronger too, mainly because part of what I'm doing is beginning to work out and move more. It's a gentle short workout, nothing major because of my age and physical condition right now, but enough to start strengthening and toning so that I can start a more vigorous work out later this year. Moving will help because there will be more trails to hike and swimming will become an option again living near lakes and the ocean. Right now I don't have the stamina, so that will need to be built up again, but I'm determined to do it. 

It feels good to buy pants a size smaller and to donate some of my tops that are just getting way too big, favorites or not, and to see and feel the signs of progress! It also feels good to have more energy to play with my pups and do everything that needs to be done here for moving, including all of the cleaning and packing. I look forward to unpacking some of my smaller clothing and wearing it after we move!

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