Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book and Deck Review: Shedding Light on Jyotisha

I watch Julianne's channel on YouTube and have become intrigued by Vedic astrology through watching her New Moon and Full Moon videos. I've always had an interest in astrology of all types and know my sign in almost every version of it, but sidereal astrology, and the Vedic sidereal astrology in particular, has nuances that particularly resonate with me and Julianne does a great job of communicating those nuances.

I was interested enough to purchase her book and waited for this second edition to come out since she was almost done with it at the time my interested piqued to that point. I'm glad I did, and as they say, everything happens for a reason. Reading that book and letting her know about some errors I found in it led to some great conversations with someone who is already a good friend in my life (which is why I felt comfortable reaching out about those errors), and those conversations led to her asking me for my input on the deck she was creating to complement her book and act as an oracle deck and study tool. 

Because of my input, she ended up making two versions of it, and in full transparency I'll disclose that in return this deck was gifted to me, but without strings and that's not why I'm writing this review. I'm also not an affiliate so there's no financial gain for me if you click my links. 

I honestly love both versions of the deck, though the study deck was created out of my preferences for a deck to use for that purpose that could also be used as an oracle, with less imagery that's more of a soft background and Julianne had the brilliant idea of then adding more text to that version than she has on the oracle deck version of it that has more prominent imagery. She has a video up explaining both decks as well and also links below it to both decks. Her book is on Amazon and it's very affordable, and now all of the minor errors I found have been corrected because apparently that's something you can do on Amazon's new self-publishing format. 

This whole set, regardless of what version of the deck you purchase, is a wonderful tool for those who are dipping their toes into Vedic astrology for the first time as she simplifies it here and the deck offers the perfect way to layer all of the information in your chart so you can use the keywords to begin to make your own interpretations of it, or look at the charts of others. Having the deck to go with this wonderful book makes it fun to learn too! And you can get just your preferred version of the deck and the LWB to go with it and learn quite a bit with just that, you don't have to purchase the full book unless you want to go a little deeper, still without going over your head at first like many other books do. 

The card stock of the deck is great, it's from The  Game Crafter and has a linen finish, and it's tarot size, so a nice size for an oracle deck: not too big and not too small. It's got a bit of a matte finish so it slides nicely, and it's just bendy enough to riffle shuffle nicely. It fits into a regular size tarot bag as well, something I suggest getting as it does come in a regular tuck box in a matching design. 

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