Monday, January 6, 2020

Essential Oils Are Not Safe Internally

I was watching a video on YT the other day with an MD I respect for his healthy diet information, and in this one he and his wife were concocting a keto-friendly beverage in the kitchen when she started talking about what essential oils could be added to it. She's a distributor for a large essential oil MLM that promotes internal uses of their oils and even has a line of essential oils FDA approved for internal use, though they promote many more of them being used this way. Honestly, this doctor lost a little respect from me by promoting this with his wife. 

Why? Because it's actually a very unsafe and unhealthy practice promoted by companies who sell you on being the safest and most therapeutic oils in the industry, and yet in order to taste good enough for you to actually want to use them this way, they've been modified to have the therapeutic terpenes removed. True therapeutic grade essential oils will have a slight turpentine taste from the monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, etc. So these essential oils have actually been distilled either at higher temperatures or for longer times, or both, to create food grade essential oils then sell them as therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Why would they do this? Because if you're not cooking with their oils and using them internally, like in your water as natural allergy medicine or for weight loss, then you won't use enough to buy hundreds of dollars of oils per month and convince others to do the same. It's not because they care more about your health. 

So, what about that FDA approval? Please! Look at all of the prescription drugs that are approved by the FDA every day without enough testing because the watchdog of the pharmaceutical industry got bought out by them in the 1990s, and now they're just a pampered pet of them instead. So basically, if you pay them enough money now they'll approve anything. Same goes for the ingredients in many cosmetics, and that includes those sold by these big essential oil MLMs. I know because I've been a distributor for the top two and I refused to use their lotions after reading ingredient labels and researching the ingredients in them. 

I also used to practice and promote the unsafe and unhealthy internal use of essential oils. Having no prior knowledge, I believed what they told me in the classes I attended, and I passed that along in the belief that I was helping people. I was very passionate about it, and it cost us a small fortune that we never really recouped. I also learned while working for one company the truth of the lies told by the other. And I've learned some truths about the second one as well. I learned to do my own diligent research and not to trust those who are marketing for billion dollar MLMs who just want to peddle oils regardless of the cost to consumers, the vast amount of plant material being used, and the health hazards. (One of my best resources was this four part blog post.)

So what companies do I trust now? There are two whose oils I use: The Ananda Apothecary and Floracopeia. My favorite is Ananda for their quality at a very reasonable and affordable price, their customer service, the ability to choose the size that fits my needs, and the ability to purchase synergy blends that I can dilute myself. There's one company I've seen recommended quite often by other aromatherapists, but my issue with them is that I don't like buying pre-diluted blends. Why? Because if I'm using the oils on my pets or, in the future, elderly parents or grandchildren, then I need to be able to dilute blends at different levels rather than have them pre-diluted for me. 

The companies I use are small ones owned by respected aromatherapists who do care more about my health than their bank accounts, and it shows in the quality of customer service as well as the quality of their products. For example, my first order with Floracopeia contained a broken bottle of oil and they replaced both bottles, not just one, and sent me a complimentary roll-on blend (that's now a favorite blend of mine). Ananda recently included a free promotional oil bottle in my order even though I placed that order the day after that promotion ended, thereby not qualifying for it, but that's when we got paid and I could order. I was very pleasantly surprised by both, though I order mainly from Ananda because of their selection and size options. I do love Floracopeia's bottles, they're unique in the industry, and their oils are wonderful but they are more expensive. I can sleep easier recommending these companies knowing what I know now.

Do your own research, try a few brands and see what you like, and if you're using essential oils internally, please stop immediately and start using real herbs and fruit instead because it's the healthier option. As they say, "on is in", so using essential oils topically and diluting them appropriately will still give you amazing benefits and also save your wallet a bit since you won't use as much. In the long run, you'll also contribute less to the over-consumption of plants that's making some species extinct.

Btw, I'm not an affiliate nor in any way directly benefitting from sharing these companies and links.

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