Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020: Our Fool's Journey

2020 begins and this is the year we go on what definitely feels like a Fool's Journey as we leave behind the security of our current home, our friends and adult children, and my husband's thriving business to move to my home state of NH and join  the rest of my family to start over in our mid-50s, taking only what we need and love too much to part with and getting rid of the rest. This is an adventure usually only undertaken by the young. So why are we doing this, and now looking forward to it even more than we were last year? 

First, we've been wanting to do this since my husband's first visit up there in 2011. We actually listed our house then even, but our sons let us know they didn't want to move with us and we weren't ready to leave our teenage sons behind, so we curbed our impulses. Over the years we've weighed the pros and cons and had decided to stay because our sons were all here and would be getting married and starting families. Moving up to NH was impractical, but we kept feeling torn. We did try again last year, but we were thwarted again and events have played out that helped us to understand why the timing wasn't right then, but it did give us a dry run and an understanding of what we need to do for an out of state move to be smooth and successful.

Second, over the past decade we've seen the oil and natural gas industry continue to grow in this area. While this brings a growth in business here, something very good for Steve's business as people move in to new homes and want to do repairs and remodeling, it also brings more contamination to the water from hydrofracking and a huge danger because if the plants blow up large areas need to evacuate. 

Third, the longer we live here, the more we agree that we want more land, clean resources, and a simpler life that we just can't have in this house or in this area. We both grew up in the country in a simpler time and we want to do what we can to return to those roots and step out of the stress of today's rat race. We want things we just can't have in our current home, like chickens and goats, and can't have in this whole region now that water and land are becoming contaminated as hydrofracking for natural gas spreads. New Hampshire is a conservation state because the forests, lakes, rivers and mountains bring tourists, the states largest industry. Zoning is actually centered around protecting those resources in most areas.

Last, but not least, is the loss of Steve's parents and our realization that living here doesn't mean we'll see our kids; quite the opposite is happening, even with the one who only lives a few minutes away. We've actually realized that we'll have more time with our kids when they travel to visit us because while they're up there we'll spend a lot of time taking them around to explore and enjoy the sights and activities. We'll be a destination for their vacations, especially for my sons to visit the rest of my family, and in the future for grandchildren to visit. In the meantime, modern technology offers many ways to stay in touch like texting, phone calls and video calls. 

So we've decided to take the leap and begin a grand adventure together this year, and to see where it leads us. This time we're determined to make it happen!

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