Saturday, December 14, 2019

What It's Like to Be An Online Tarot Reader

Almost everyone who becomes a tarot reader wonders at some point what it's like to be a professional tarot reader and many today do decide to become tarot readers online. From a profession that was shady and few sites were available with only a handful of psychics and card readers to a field where there are now a plethora of sites with more growing every day, many of which have hundreds of readers around the world, it's certainly appealing to anyone who has psychic abilities or can read tarot and oracle cards.

However it's not as easy as it sounds to actually do this work, and many don't realize just how different it is to work online than to do psychic fairs or read for private clients. People at psychic fairs are often just seeking entertainment, and those seeking a private reading want in-depth information or an annual check-in, but the online customer is someone in a crisis, often panicking, and most readers don't have the training and background to deal with them, nor are they prepared for this after reading for friends and family. I also see a lot now who enter this field, or try to enter it, after only a year or so of actually reading cards for themselves and very little experience reading for others at all. 

I'd been reading cards for over 10 years and had read them at a few fairs and other events when I started reading for my first online agency, and still it was a bit of a shock to realize how different it was even with warning from the friend who got me started so many years ago. Why? Because I had no idea people had panic attacks over whether or not someone was going to call them or what their boss might be thinking about them. It never occurred to me that people would call in asking about their exes' current relationships, pining over them still many years later and waiting for them to go back. Nor did I ever imagine anyone would want to know when someone they told never to call them again was going to call them. My jaw still occasionally drops, but less and less so. 

Then there are the truly painful situations of arranged marriages that people don't want to enter because they love someone else that's not approved of by the family, or those who are suffering from severe loneliness or a streak of horrid relationships and wondering when they're going to finally find true love with someone who really loves them and the sad stories of those who are in financial crisis and wondering when they'll find a good job again. I've been absolutely shocked to find out just how many men and women are cheating out there, and how often the "other woman" wonders when he's leaving his wife so they can be together (it rarely goes the other way in my experience). 

My worst experience was a woman who called and yelled vitriol in my ear for 14 minutes then threatened suicide as she hang up, and since we have no contact information and usually no idea even where they're calling from, there wasn't anything I could do and customer service for that company made it clear they weren't going to do anything for them either, though they had the information to reach out. People can and do get nasty and can leave you a bad rating because they didn't agree with your reading, whether it was accurate or not. 

If you pursue this as a career, you'll develop a thick skin. You'll also develop your skills faster and get more experience than is usually possible with a private practice, and get very fast at interpreting those cards. Speed is a necessity since you're usually being paid by the minute, so I've developed a faster shuffling method and can listen to a question, shuffle and lay down the cards and reply in two minutes for basic questions, it only takes longer if they talk longer before I get to shuffle. 

You don't have time for elaborate shuffling techniques or to wait for jumping cards, nor to meditate before the reading. You also don't have time to lay the cards face down and turn them over. I've learned to just lay mine down face up and start talking about my first impressions while I'm still laying down cards. This is also why I prefer cartomancy and reading in lines of cards over using positional spreads, though the basics like a Celtic Cross or a 9 Card (3x3) work well for fast reading and can be expounded upon with further questioning. 

I do love my work and I take it seriously, but it's not for everyone and I've burned out a couple of times myself only to return, the last time after a break of almost a year when I got laid off and needed a way to earn money from home again. The income isn't steady, so you need to have another steady source from a spouse or another job while you build your reputation and clientele, which is another reason I took that break, to allow my husband to build his own business while I provided a steady income for us.

I know many who have tried it and hated it, and I also know a few who treat it like a game because it's very easy to develop a very callous attitude when you find yourself dealing with the same people always asking about the same situations and not moving on or healing no matter what advice they're given. I've learned that most people seeking advice on the phone lines are rather like fast food customers, they've no interest in what's healthy, they just need a quick fix to soothe their anxiety, and they hope you're going to tell them what they want to hear. 

I've returned to it for the benefits of being able to work from home doing something that I do enjoy and having the flexibility to create my own schedule. This became exceptionally important as we had to go down to only one vehicle and we got a new puppy, so it was hard for me to work outside of the home or to work a fixed schedule this year. Like any job, it has its good days and bad days, pros and cons.

If you decide to give reading for an online psychic service a try, I wish you the best of luck. If you have questions or want some suggestions for good companies in the US to try, use the contact form and shoot me an email, I'll do my best to help you get started. 

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