Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Reconnecting to My Primal Self

I've been very slowly unplugging from modern life as my 50s progress, including closing all of my social media accounts one by one so that I can read and study more. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate modern conveniences and technology, but I just feel we've gone too far with it and are causing ourselves health issues because of it from poor posture to a lack of social connection despite all of the "friends" we may have on social media, many of whom we've never met and never will. Without that, it's really just empty and leaves us feeling depressed and alone as we isolate ourselves inside of our homes in front of our TV, phone, tablet or computer screens.

This is part of what's driving my desire to move home to the state of NH where reforesting is happening because of the conservation mindset and regulations there that preserve the forests and waterways, bringing more wildlife there as well. My plan on going there is to be way from my computer more and off of my devices, running a business based more in crafts, skills and services in person rather than one done online. I want deeper connection to people as well as a deeper connection to myself as a human being. 

I'm also following some of the advice Mark Sisson gives in his book The Primal Connection like getting zero drop footwear for weather and places that don't allow my Birkenstocks or bare feet, going back to using incandescent light bulbs and even replacing some of those with bug lights to limit my exposure to blue light at night. I've used the settings on all of my devices to have warmer screens with lower light (night shift in your settings can be set for any 23 hour period, so choose an hour you're always sleeping for it to brighten and cool and you can get Flu.x if your device doesn't have those settings in display). 

My main plan is a lifestyle built more around what humans are meant to do: to eat more meat and veggies and a lot less sugars and refined grains, get out into nature more, to do work that requires skills and physical activity and less hunching over my desk, and rise and sleep with the sun. 

Even if you can't move to the country or quit your job, there are many things that you can do to counter the damage created by modern life in the 21st century. Start by getting rid of social media and instead fostering more local social interaction by finding a group that meets regularly around your interests, MeetUp is full of them. If you're physically capable, hit the trails in your area and find friends to join you. Go to bed earlier and dim the lights beforehand, using warmer bulbs. You can get yellow goggles for eye protection from any home improvement store for work if you're not allowed to adjust your computer screens. And start paying attention to what you eat, making healthier choices. The saying goes that life is short, but modern lifestyles are making lifespans shorter and it doesn't have to be so, you can be in more control. 

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