Monday, December 30, 2019

Benefits of Daily Card Draws


As I prepare to suspend my practice of doing a morning daily draw for the year, I find myself reflecting on the benefits of this practice that has been my habit for over six years now so I thought I'd share my insights of what I've found to be the biggest benefits.

I never did any daily draws nor journaled my readings for the first decade of learning to read cards with the Tarot, I'd never heard of the practice and I've never been much for keeping a daily diary or journal. I started doing daily draws and journaling them for the first time when I was learning to read the Lenormand, following the advice of Donnaleigh de la Rose whose videos were my main source of education for it. She suggested it was a good idea as doing so would teach one the language the cards use with each of us, and I've found that to be very true and I added on to keyword lists to create my own with meanings that came up for me out of this practice. It also helped me to learn the language of the cards and how to read them in context with each other. The practice was to draw three cards in the morning, journal the cards drawn and your interpretation, then to look back at the end of the day to see how what happened was predicted by the cards.

I continued this practice when I returned to reading tarot again after a two year break of full immersion into Lenormand. Where I'd struggled to interpret the tarot before, now I found I was learning its language as well. It helped me greatly to get an easy grasp on the Thoth and the Tarot de Marseille as well, and to get up to speed quickly with using these systems professionally. However, using it as a learning tool over the past couple of years changed my practice from mixing my reading using tarot and oracle cards and a rune to get meaning into doing a 3-card draw and I'll admit that's not as fun and has started to make it feel more like a chore lately. 

If it starts to feel that way to you, find a way to get more creative with it and mix things up! Daily draws can be playful because we learn better when we play than when everything is serious study. This is what I'm planning to do when I return to doing daily draws in 2021, or even late 2020 after getting settled in to my new home and life. My best readings were those where I had a tarot card, an oracle card and a rune mixed together to give one prediction for the day, and those always felt fun and playful as I experimented with mixing the decks together and seeing what worked well together and what didn't. 

I've always asked, "What does today bring me?" You can use this or a similar question (for example: "What do I need to know about today?"), use a spread, or create a spread rather than asking one question. Again, get creative and make it playful and you'll learn a lot more than if you treat it as a serious study the whole time! 

The biggest benefits to doing a daily draw are to see how the cards are speaking to you and shorten your learning curve with them, as well as to provide a time of meditation and connection to spirit. You can do this at the beginning of your day or the end of it, or both as you draw your cards and interpret them in the morning then use some time in the evening to reflect on your day while looking at your cards to see how the events of the day were reflected in them. If the only time you have for reflection and meditation is at the end of the day, draw your cards in the evening for the next day, then reflect on how they played out before doing the draw for tomorrow. 

I highly recommend this practice to beginner and veteran readers for the insights such a daily exercise can give and I know that I'll miss it this year. It's been a habit that I enjoyed most of the time, and it's given some structure and discipline to my days as well. But taking a break will offer me a chance to come back to it with fresh appreciation for this time of my day, and a new sense of playful exploration.

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