Saturday, November 23, 2019

Making Sacred Time for Yourself

Stillness and time alone to connect with our inward selves and the Divine is a primal need for humans, yet one we often struggle to meet in today's hectic, fast-paced and overly busy world. It can very difficult to create time for yourself and your sacred practices like meditation and yoga, a walk in nature, or just sitting in peace with a cup of tea and a good book. 

I struggled with this myself for several years before discovering the secret was to find a good time of day in my family's routine for me to be undisturbed, and then make this time for myself a top priority above all others. This is something many women especially struggle with because we tend to put the needs of everyone else above ours. The kids, our spouse, the dogs, emails, work all come before our own needs, and we often feel selfish for wanting that time to ourselves, yet we can become resentful, fatigued, overly stressed--and even extemely ill--from not having it. 

For me, the way I finally found to get daily meditation, yoga and my daily tarot draw in was to make the first hour after I shower and dress in the morning my "Hour of Power". Since I work from home I don't need to get up early to do this, but I know of women who do exactly that in order to have that time. Those early hours of the day are actually very good for all of us humans hormonally, especially if we can have the rising sun in our sight. 

For my husband, the mornings don't work for this as that's his time he prefers to watch the news, have his coffee and breakfast and prepare for his day at work. He takes his time for a sauna, meditation and yoga in the evenings as a way to relax, destress and decompress from his day at work before going to bed. 

It doesn't matter what time you find for your sacred practice or just relaxing with some quiet time alone, it just matters that you do and make it your time that everyone respects, including yourself. We are, after all, human "beings", not human "doings", and time to BE is something we all need. Give yourself that gift this holiday season. 

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