Wednesday, September 11, 2019

When You Hit Rock Bottom...

So, to continue the story of my long road back to health, it's taken a bit of a detour lately. My mother-in-law died last month, just three months after her husband died in front of her. Let's say with losing our two old male dogs within six days of each other back in January, a very traumatic setback in our plans to move from PA to NH, and then this double loss, 2019 has been a really rough year and it's been very difficult to remain on track with our health goals since we both tend to reach for "comfort foods" at times of stress, not uncommon for most people and it doesn't matter how much you know if those healthy habits aren't well established yet. 

So, what brought me to rock bottom was that after a month of eating really good and starting to feel a lot better and seeing some really good results begin to happen, I hit a month of eating really crappy again (along with my husband), and then I got a cold on top of my ragweed allergies. And when I say a cold, this was the cold to beat all colds and came on like a fast-moving storm! One moment I was fine, the next my throat got scratchy and sore and my sinuses started to fill up while my energy started to drain proportionately. Ugh.

The first night I didn't sleep at all. Zero, zilch. I finally got about a one hour nap the next day, followed by a night of sleep of one hour at a time and cuddling with our heating pad to loosen the mucus in my sinuses and lungs since essential oils alone weren't doing the trick and my ears started to hurt really bad from the pressure of the sinus congestion because I have small eustachian tubes. Most people would probably hit the ER at this point, but I'm stubborn and my husband agrees with me on it being a very low level last resort. I was finally coughing up a lot of mucus at last because of the combination of heating pad and essential oils, so we thought I'd be fine in the morning, and I did look and feel a bit better...until I got in the shower and was dizzy and struggling to breathe. 

I spent the first couple of hours of that day in bed with the heating pad and essential oils until I finally felt well enough to sit out in the living room and eat breakfast. I went downhill again gradually as the day wore on and finally went to a satellite care facility for treatment. I may be stubborn, but I'm smart enough to know when it's time for western medical intervention. I felt much better after a nebulizer treatment and the first dose of Prednisone, an albuterol inhaler and an allergy tablet. I'm still also using my essential oils in conjunction because I know they'll still help my body to actually heal. I finally got a good night's sleep, and I'm looking forward to more.

So, the firm decision to stop eating crap has been made because I hit a point of rock bottom. Again. I know this time I'll stick to it because I know it was a major contributing factor in getting sick in the first place. I know this because my past experience from when I was following a really good regime proved that my allergies were almost unnoticeable and I never got sick. So, back to eating right and daily exercise, which I've done faithfully and well in the past and thereby can definitely do again successfully...this time for life as I learned a very hard lesson by falling off of that wagon a few years ago and the much harder journey I'm having to get back on it.

When you hit rock bottom, then the only place to go is up; and when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, then the best thing to do is change your diet and lifestyle in order to change your health. That is the magic bullet. 

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