Monday, June 24, 2019

When Life Give You Lemons

My husband and I were supposed to move from our current home in PA to my home state of NH this year. We had worked hard for months on renovating and staging our home, decluttering it, deep cleaning it, repainting it, etc. We put it on the market and it sold in less than two weeks for close to our list price. Everything was moving along smoothly and we were preparing to go up to NH to look at houses and purchase our home up there, we just had to wait for the appraisal to come back and then the title clearance.

The appraisal came back fine, but then we discovered that what we thought would be a minor issue with the title from my late father-in-law's estate (my late husband's father, not my current husband's) was actually a really huge issue due to a state law here that would require not only for that to be paid off, but for a really ridiculously large sum of money to be placed in escrow until the paper came back from the state that his estate was officially closed. That can take 3-6 months we've been told. 

Since our entire plan to move hinges on buying our new home in NH with cash out of the proceeds from the sale of this house and paying off other stuff to become debt-free, that killed our plan and our ability to sell this house and move this year. We had to back out of that sale, pay the buyers back for what they put into inspections and the appraisal, and take our home off of the market until we can get that estate paid off and get that document back from the state. It was absolutely devastating.

My husband and I are positive people though, and so we didn't stay down about it for long. We've continued to make some small changes for the better to this house for its future sale, we decided that I could invest in a very special course that is only offered once a year that I wasn't going to be able to do because of the move, and we decided to get the German Shepherd puppy that my husband wants now while we're here rather than waiting until after we get settled in up there and do any necessary renovations to our new home. We have an amazing fenced in yard that's perfect for a new puppy to run and play in, as well as to train him in. He'll be more mature by the time we move.

This delay has also allowed us to go through some of what has been packed up and pare it down. Books, for example. I've packed up four boxes of books to take to Half Priced Books to eliminate. We found a home for a very bulky and heavy TV lift cabinet we had, so that's a large piece of furniture that we've eliminated. We're trying to lighten our load a bit and get rid of unnecessary "stuff". 

We also learned a lot. Neither of us has made an out of state move that includes selling and buying a house before, and there were a lot of things to learn and coordinate, and what I'd arranged was a bit clumsy and needed tweaking; I'll be doing a better job of that next time around. 

So, life handed us lemons in this deal, but we've decided to sweeten it and make them into lemonade. 😊

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